Carpet Cleaning House Deals Nottingham | Save 30%

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Carpet Cleaning House Deals Nottingham Save 30%

carpet-cleaning-house-special-deals Every carpet in your house cleaned for a fixed price with this carpet cleaning deal.

Cleaning all your carpets at the same time is the most cost effective way to maximising the life of your carpets whilst keeping them clean and healthy. Lock in savings of up to 30% off our room plus additional room prices.

Price range reflects the desired service level and the cleaning involved; standard or superior carpet cleaning service. Please note our standard service outperforms entry level providers. Call us to discuss your circumstances.

Available across Nottingham now. Book early to avoid disappointment.

Upholstery Cleaning Deals Nottingham | Sofa Cleaning Sale

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Upholstery Cleaning Deals Nottingham | 25% Off Sofa & Suite Cleaning Sale – Probitas

Upholstery cleaning deals in Nottingham now on. Save 25% off any fabric sofa, chair & suite cleaning until Dec 31st 2017.

View our upholstery cleaning deals & prices

Watch our promotional video below and understand our professional approach to upholstery cleaning

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Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner V’s Airflex Storm

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Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner – Is a professional result possible with this steam cleaner?


Hiring a carpet cleaner such as the rug doctor has become popular.

Owning your own carpet cleaner such as a VAX carpet cleaner is also a common trend.


Questions you may ask however include:

  • How do these carpet cleaning machines compare with those owned by professional carpet cleaning companies?
  • Are the specifications similar?
  • Can a professional result be achieved with a carpet cleaner hired from your local store?


Rug Doctor V’s Airflex Storm – A Technical Comparison

Nick Flinders Director of Cleaning at Probitas Carpet Cleaning provides insight and a technical comparison in the below video.

4 key components are examined: PRICE, WATER LIFT, PUMP PRESSURE & HEAT and videos of the Airflex Storm are featured in this informative video.

If you are thinking of purchasing a carpet cleaner further information can be found at a previously written blog article best carpet cleaner

carpet cleaning prices

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Carpet Cleaning Prices – The Carpet Cleanser provides insight and relates an experience

A lady called me the other day and said “my carpet cleaner has just let me down”.She didn’t say why but understandably she was disappointed and a tad frustrated at the inconvenience. She also commented that she cleans the carpet herself but it just seems to get dirtier quicker and quicker. She asked,”how much would you charge for carpet cleaning?”

Carpet Cleaning Prices (one carpet only)

The requirement was for carpet cleaning to just one room. A lounge carpet approximately 3.5m x 5.5m in size with no significant stains. We didn’t have any availability for at least a week and we quoted our minimum charge of £50. On hearing this the lady replied, “but the other carpet cleaner had quoted only £30. Can you match their carpet cleaning price?”. I replied “no i’m afraid not” knowing it is just not realistic to undertake a professional carpet clean on just one carpet for £30.” She went on to ask why not. I said, “something has to be missing…”.

I was on route to another booking but somehow I always feel that there is an obligation to the ‘unregulated carpet cleaning industry’ to provide a little education.

Understanding Carpet Cleaning Prices & Their Value! 

Set up time
A professional carpet cleaner will have a lot of equipment which will be unloaded and set up on arrival. This can take at least 20 minutes or longer if access is restricted. Extractor waste and solution tanks are prepared with de-foamer, deodoriser and acidic rinse agents. Pre-spray solutions will be freshly mixed and mechanical agitation equipment are all brought into the property. Of course an audit for fibre type, colourfastness has to take place before deciding on an appropriate alkalinity strength and water temperature.
Carpet Cleaning Process
The most important factor to consider is the cleaning process as this is where the carpet cleaner will spend the time and consequently the value you’ll receive.

Good questions to ask include:

  • Will you pre-hoover to ensure the pre-spray is able to reach deep down into the carpet pile?
  • The room is furnished so will you move and replace it to ensure no allergen causing dust areas remain?
  • Will your pre-spray be mechanically agitated and left with a suitable dwell time to ensure optimum particle separation from the carpet fibre?
  • Do you employ a zero residue approach to prevent rapid re-soiling of the carpet?
  • Is your equipment professional grade? Hot extractors range from a couple of hundred pounds to several thousand pounds for a professional result.
  • Will you spend time identifying and treating any basic spots and stains in the carpet? Or will you just put down the standard pre-spray?

I politely suggested that there are carpet cleaners in Nottingham that will be prepared to clean your carpet for £30. Of course the lady wasn’t sure about my quoted carpet cleaning price of £50 and said she’d think about it. Less than 20 minutes later she called back and booked.

Carpet Cleaning Prices –  A Professional Summary 

In summary “price is what you pay, value is what you receive.” The common mistake people make is just looking at the price and assuming the standard of service is the same. Carpet cleaning prices vary dramatically and it stands to reason that the carpet cleaner with the cheapest price is going to spend as little time cleaning your carpet as possible, with the harshest chemicals and rapid re-soiling highly likely. In the end I spent far longer at the property than I should of done as she was very interested to understand why her DIY carpet cleaning efforts were leading to rapid re-soiling! I should of charged £50 just the education. Lol. You can read about that in my blog entry “best carpet cleaner”.

Carpet Cleaning Prices For Multiple Rooms

As the number of rooms to be cleaned increases most carpet cleaners will apply a discounted racket mechanism to the quote. £30 for a room then becomes a realistic price but on its own its simply not profitable for professional carpet cleaners in Nottingham.

Probitas Carpet Cleaning are a professional carpet cleaning company with competitively priced priced deals. Click here to see their carpet cleaning prices in Nottingham.

You can call Probitas Carpet Cleaning and book a carpet cleaner now on 07814 596 597.

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Best Carpet Cleaner for sale?

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Best Carpet Cleaner in the UK

best vax carpet cleaner

best vax carpet cleaner

Selecting the best carpet cleaner for your home is becoming a common dilemma.  Increasingly popular, many manufacturers are now offering both dry and wet vacuum models.

So what is the best carpet cleaner on the UK market today?

As many turn to review sites to find out which is the best carpet cleaner on the market today, do you opt for a Vax carpet cleaner, a Bissell carpet cleaner, a Numatic carpet cleaner or maybe the good old rug doctor. Prices range from £100 for a Vax upright to about £450 for a the latest Rug Doctor X3 Mighty Pro.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Nottingham

The question is are they any good.

I mean do they lift ingrained dirt? do they remove traffic lanes? do they remove the allergen causing mites deep down in the carpet pile? can they tackle odours from pet accidents? what about oil based stains?

Well I was looking at the best carpet cleaner reviews the other day and couldn’t help watching some of the carpet cleaner demonstration videos.

Best Carpet Cleaner – How they work

I noticed that all the carpet cleaners have a water tank which you add hot tap water too along with the general purpose alkaline detergent.

Then holding the trigger down you do a wet pass over the carpet and then a dry pass which lifts the dirty water residue back out of the machine. Admittedly this lifts dirt out of the carpet because the colour of the water is proof of that.

Best Carpet Cleaner Limitations

So whats wrong with that? well this is where knowing a bit of science comes in handy. Pumping a high alkaline (PH10) solution into your carpet is fine but it MUST be rinsed out with an acidic rinse (PH2). This leaves the carpet back at PH7 neutral and what the carpet cleaning industry knows as Zero Residue Carpet Cleaning!

The outcome of leaving an alkaline residue in your carpet is simple. Your carpet will get dirty again very quickly!

DIY Carpet Cleaners Experience

I was at a care home in Nottingham not long back and I had been instructed to clean several carpets including their dining hall. There was this high traffic area in the dining hall leading out to the kitchen that was a real problem. The care manager their said

“I dont understand it really. We’ve our own carpet cleaner but the more we clean it the dirtier it seems to get!!”

Hmmm…and this is a good example of the problem with carpet cleaners on the market today. They all leave a high alkaline residue in your carpet which attracts dirt and re-soils very quickly.

On the upside you do own a carpet cleaner so you can just clean it again (and again and again….)

Professional Carpet Cleaners Methodology

A professional carpet cleaner will have a multi-step carpet cleaning process always lay down a pre-spray alkaline detergent using a pump up sprayer.

This is then agitated mechanically and given a dwell time of 5-10 minutes to let the carpet cleaner solution separate the dirt from the fibre.

This is then rinsed using a hot extractor such as cleansmarts Airflex cleaning system. Hot water is mixed with an acidic rinse and a deodoriser in the tank. This is zero residue carpet cleaning.

Best Carpet Cleaner Solution

Whilst I was looking into the reviews for the best carpet cleaner I found myself on a retailers website of carpet cleaners looking at their buying guide. I was interested to find scroll down and find a section of carpet cleaner solution (or detergent)

On their website it says and I quote “Check which solutions your carpet cleaner recommends using for the best results.” Interesting! So after you’ve bought your new carpet cleaner you’ve then got to phone your local carpet cleaners in Nottingham and ask them for advice on which carpet cleaner solutions to use.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall when that call comes in to the Nottingham carpet cleaning companies.

But why does the retailer suggest speaking to a professional carpet cleaner? Well the reality is that an understanding of carpet cleaning chemistry is need to remove stains, accidents and traffic lanes.

Oil based stains for example will not lift with a general purpose alkaline detergent. So that means any make up, paint or ink is highly likely to stay in the carpet. Any build up from your husbands slippers that frequently tread the garage will also remain.

Take tea & coffee for example as a common example of a stain. Yes the detergent will remove the sugar and milk (protein based) but any tanning residue, which is what causes the stain, will not.  This needs an acidic rinse.

Even then urine and tea stains especially may not lift so advanced techniques to put oxygen in or out of the stain are the only way to remove the foreign dye from the fibre dye. These are high risk techniques with the possibility of residual damage.

Every manufacturer or retailer of carpet cleaners is happy to set expectations high but the results are far from professional.

The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA) puts its trainee carpet cleaners through a 2 day course before handing over even a basic certification. Can it all be so simple?

Best Carpet Cleaner Pumps, Vacuums and Heater

There are other limitations too. The NCCA recommend a minimum of a 100Psi pump to get deep down to the bottom of the carpet pile. The rug doctor has 25Psi and other carpet cleaners have even less.

Dry times are important and these sub £500 carpet cleaners only have 1 single pass vacuum. This typically results in very long dry times, particularly as the owner may be inclined to keep going over a stain that’s not lifting!

Some have a basic heater but to cut through serious grease and soiling for end of tenancy carpet cleaning then you need a 3KW heater to get a satisfactory result.

Airflex Storm Vs Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Carpet Cleaning Machine Comparison

Best Carpet Cleaner Summary

In summary if you are looking for a light, brush off the top clean of your carpet every few months then these DIY carpet cleaners have their place in the market.

If your carpet is heavily soiled with a mix of stains and dark traffic areas, then calling a professional carpet cleaner may still be the best option in the long run.

You can call Probitas Carpet Cleaning and book a carpet cleaner now on 07814 596 597.

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best vax carpet cleaner

Best Vax carpet cleaner





Professional Carpet Cleaning – Which carpet fibre is easiest to clean?

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Professional Carpet Cleaning – Easiest clean Fibres?

Professional Carpet cleaning can at times be difficult for the even an experienced carpet cleaner and occasionally a client may be left thinking, is that really the best result that can be achieved?

Stains may not lift and traffic lanes may remain.

I always try to educate when I am with a client.

Firstly by identifying the fibre and then explaining which fibre cleans best and why.

When you buy a carpet the choice is clearly quite significant however largely they are either;

  1. synthetic (which is man made)
  2. natural
  3. mixture (typically 80/20%)

Each has its significant merits.

Carpet Prices

A popular natural fibre such as wool is more expensive to purchase per square metre than a synthetic. For example a good synthetic carpet may cost about £10 per msq.

A wool carpet may be around £30-50 per msq so a big difference.

The Carpet Retailer 

A carpet manufacturer will always try to sell you a wool carpet as commission is higher on the sale.

Typically a wool carpet will feel better underfoot

It will also last a lot longer than a synthetic if cared for.

In addition it may come with a stain protection such as Scotchguard. The retailer may advise that you do not need to worry about it becoming stained.

Professional Carpet Cleaning – Natural Fibre Beware!

What you need to know is this.

Carpet protectors are fantastic but they need reapplying every 12-18 months to remain effective. Without the protection that is where the downsides of owning a wool carpet become apparent.

A natural fibre such as wool, is very absorbent

Any spillage or accident can be very difficult to remove.

Especially where Mrs Jones has scrubbed it and tried every potion to remove the stain before booking a professional carpet cleaner!

Similarly dark traffic lanes on a wool carpet can be very difficult to remove. Even with a traffic lane cleaner such as Cleansmarts Orange-X.

The carpet cleaner is restricted to a maximum of 40C when cleaning a wool fibre. The maximum ph is also about 8 or 9. This is largely because the fibre is more delicate and can break down if too much heat or alkalinity is used.

wool carpet cleaning nottingham

Synthetic – A good choice for professional carpet cleaning & maintenance

You see, now compared to a synthetic carpet which is basically made of plastic filaments.

You can use stronger chemicals such as PH10-12 and a lot hotter heat from the wand ie. 60-70C. Heat really does help to separate ingrained , greasy soiling.

Also a synthetic has a natural stain protector in it. Even if a synthetic carpet is in a horrendous state, 99% of the time you can get a great result as it absorbs far less foreign dye than a natural carpet.

synthetic carpet cleaning Nottingham

A Final Thought for Professional Carpet Cleaning

In conclusion wool will feel better and last longer but the maintenance costs and risks of ownership are much higher. If your buying for a family with pets, children or a property your renting then synthetic is the way to go.

So how can you tell if you have a natural or synthetic fibre in your carpet? I will write about that in another post.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Nottingham

If you live in Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough or Leicester and require a professional carpet cleaner then call Probitas Carpet Cleaning on 07814 596597.

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Carpet cleaners in Nottingham – Is steam cleaning dead?

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Are carpet cleaners in Nottingham still using steam cleaning?

Dry Carpet Cleaners in Nottingham

You’ve all seen it advertised by carpet cleaners in Nottingham. Dry in 30 minutes! Yes you can have your carpets cleaned and they will be dry in 30 minutes.
“Well that sounds fantastic. The last guy that steam cleaned my carpets took a day to dry!” Sound familiar? So is steam cleaning your carpets dead?

Clean and healthy carpet cleaning

Well no, not at all. The National Association of Carpet Cleaners and nearly all manufacturers still recommend professional steam cleaning. How come? Well one reason is that according to  Allergy UK heat is needed (40-60C) to kill off all the harmful allergy causing mites that live in carpet fibres around the home. Yes thats asthma and rhinitis!

So if we want a CLEAN AND HEALTHY carpet we need to use heat and that’s why steam cleaning is still recommend.

Carpet Cleaners in Nottingham achieving rapid dry times!

“That’s all great but the dry time is a nightmare” I hear you say.

Well true. However a professional carpet cleaner in Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough or Leicester should have a hot extractor with TWO commercial grade vacuums. Many do not. These will remove 90% of the water used on a dry pass leaving you with an acceptable dry time of less that 2 hours. Hot air movers can be deployed for wool carpets which typically take longer than synthetic to dry. As most Nottingham carpet cleaning customers have their carpets cleaned every 12 months then a two hour dry time for a clean AND HEALTHY carpet in my mind is more that acceptable.

If you’d like to be left with a clean and healthy carpet with respectable dry times then call Probitas Carpet Cleaning, Colwick Nottingham