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Carpet cleaners in Nottingham – Is steam cleaning dead?

Are carpet cleaners in Nottingham still using steam cleaning?

Dry Carpet Cleaners in Nottingham

You’ve all seen it advertised by carpet cleaners in Nottingham. Dry in 30 minutes! Yes you can have your carpets cleaned and they will be dry in 30 minutes.
“Well that sounds fantastic. The last guy that steam cleaned my carpets took a day to dry!” Sound familiar? So is steam cleaning your carpets dead?

Clean and healthy carpet cleaning

Well no, not at all. The National Association of Carpet Cleaners and nearly all manufacturers still recommend professional steam cleaning. How come? Well one reason is that according to  Allergy UK heat is needed (40-60C) to kill off all the harmful allergy causing mites that live in carpet fibres around the home. Yes thats asthma and rhinitis!

So if we want a CLEAN AND HEALTHY carpet we need to use heat and that’s why steam cleaning is still recommend.

Carpet Cleaners in Nottingham achieving rapid dry times!

“That’s all great but the dry time is a nightmare” I hear you say.

Well true. However a professional carpet cleaner in Nottingham, Derby, Loughborough or Leicester should have a hot extractor with TWO commercial grade vacuums. Many do not. These will remove 90% of the water used on a dry pass leaving you with an acceptable dry time of less that 2 hours. Hot air movers can be deployed for wool carpets which typically take longer than synthetic to dry. As most Nottingham carpet cleaning customers have their carpets cleaned every 12 months then a two hour dry time for a clean AND HEALTHY carpet in my mind is more that acceptable.

If you’d like to be left with a clean and healthy carpet with respectable dry times then call Probitas Carpet Cleaning, Colwick Nottingham

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