Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner V’s Airflex Storm

Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaner – Is a professional result possible with this steam cleaner?


Hiring a carpet cleaner such as the rug doctor has become popular.

Owning your own carpet cleaner such as a VAX carpet cleaner is also a common trend.


Questions you may ask however include:

  • How do these carpet cleaning machines compare with those owned by professional carpet cleaning companies?
  • Are the specifications similar?
  • Can a professional result be achieved with a carpet cleaner hired from your local store?


Rug Doctor V’s Airflex Storm – A Technical Comparison

Nick Flinders Director of Cleaning at Probitas Carpet Cleaning provides insight and a technical comparison in the below video.

4 key components are examined: PRICE, WATER LIFT, PUMP PRESSURE & HEAT and videos of the Airflex Storm are featured in this informative video.

If you are thinking of purchasing a carpet cleaner further information can be found at a previously written blog article best carpet cleaner

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