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Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal

We offer professional carpet & upholstery stain removal services.

When accidents happen it is essential the stain is assessed and treated correctly otherwise the stain can become permanent 

Frequently we get called after the customer has exhausted all efforts to remove the stain themselves by rubbing, scrubbing and applying all manner of treatments. At this point the stain becomes significantly harder to reverse.

However we are trained in advance oxygenating bleaching techniques and may still be able to rescue your carpet or upholstery. 

We can remedy difficult accidents that leave a dye residue including:

  • Urine Stains
  • Red Wine Stains 
  • Tea/Coffee Stains 

No one can guarantee they will remove a stain but if the stain is removable, we have all the knowledge and chemicals to remove it. 

Carpet & Upholstery Stain Removal - Services Available

In the event of an accident we recommend the followng:

1. Basic Spot & Stain Removal Service (FREE WITH EVERY CLEANING SERVICE)

Unless your carpet has been recently cleaned then we recommend you book our standard carpet or upholstery cleaning service as they include basic spot and stain removal services. Please note that any attempt to remove a stain on a dirty carpet will very likely leave an odd 'clean patch'.

Providing the accident is smaller than 10-20cm squared then we levy no extra charge to attempt removal. In fact the stain may lift under our normal cleaning routine. Should the stain require odour removal too this would be charged seperately. 

If this fails to remove the stain then a discussion with the client would need to take. For example if a red wine stain sits in a highly visible area of a quality wool carpet then the cost of further treatment may be warranted. If you have a 15 year old synthetic that is already worn then additional work may not be appropriate. 


On arrival we would set up our extraction equipment as if we were cleaning the whole carpet.

This is essential for rinsing the stain and ensuring no chemical is left within the treated area that could continue to work after we have left. 

An assessment would then take place including the ph of the area, existing DIY treatment residue, construction and type of fabric/fibre and further set up of steam cleaning equipment would take place. 

Advanced oxygenating techniques in untrained hands may take out the stain dye AND fibrefabric colour resulting in permenant damage! Only a finite amount of time is available to reduce this back therefore reward and risk of damage needs to be fully understood. 

Under these circumstances we charge:

  • £35 for the first HOUR (which is normally sufficient time to treat a stain)
  • additional 30 minute chunks are charged at £15. 

3. Advanced Stain Removal* (EMERGENCY CALL OUT SERVICE)

Should you call us out to treat a stain as an emergency then we charge the following:

  • £55 for the first HOUR (which is normally sufficient time to treat a stain)
  • additional 30 minute chunks are charged at £15. 

*Great care is taken at all levels of our stain removal services. The above prices are based on the customer signing a damage waiver however we are willing to cover all liability for an additional fee of £20 on the above listed prices. 


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